I enjoy photography and love to document my travels. I’m also quite into wildlife photography in particular. I’ll be doing plenty of posts with tips on taking, editing, organizing and sharing photos.

I use three main cameras currently, all of which have pros and cons:

A Nikon D7000, which is fairly serious DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). I mainly use a large 18-300mm zoom lens on this. This is what I use for wildlife photography, and I’ve used it a lot for general travel photography too. This has now been superseded by the similar Nikon D7100. While it’s the most powerful of my cameras, it’s also quite bulky and heavy, as well as being expensive (roughly $1000 for the camera body and $1000 for the lens).

A Lumix LX7, which is a high end compact camera that will fit in my pocket. In the majority of situations, this takes pictures that are just as good as those I get with the D7000 – the most obvious exception being when I need a long zoom lens for wildlife or other purposes. It actually has several useful features that the D7000 doesn’t have, which I’ll explain in a future post. Because I like to travel light (a topic I’ll talk a lot about), increasingly often I find this is the only dedicated camera I will take on trips, if I’m not planning to do wildlife photography. It has the added benefit of being more discreet, so you can look less like a tourist, which is often a good thing!

An iPhone 5 (now superseded by the 5S), which is the camera I always have with me. It doesn’t have all the capabilities of the other two, but it also takes great pictures in many situations. Its big advantage is being able to share pictures immediately, which you want to do sometimes, so there will be occasions when I’ll use this even if I have one of the other two cameras with me. And of course it’s even more compact than the LX7 so there might be times when you only want to carry this.

I recommend all of these cameras and will discuss much more about them, other cameras, and many aspects of travel and wildlife photography in future posts.

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