I just created my first plotagraph! This is a new type of animated image that is created from a single static photo, using some (expensive) software called Plotagraph Pro. The effect is similar to a Cinemagraph, which uses video as a source to create a partly dynamic and partly static image. I found out about this from Trey Ratcliff, whose workshop I attended in Denver a couple of weeks ago, and he has some nice examples and explanations here.

Sunset storm over Denver (640px, 30fps) (1)

The nice thing about the plotagraph approach is that it works with any photo you’ve taken. This image of the storm in Denver was one that sprang to my mind as something that would look good as a plotagraph – I rather regretted that I hadn’t taken a timelapse of this scene at the time, but I didn’t start early enough and the weather was getting ugly so I was concerned about leaving my equipment out. Now I have a timelapse like effect from the one image! I also think it’s really cool how the software manages to create a continuous loop effect without an obvious start and end point.

I am sure I can refine the image above as I get to know the software better, but wanted to post my first attempt! Update: see my next post for more cool sample plotagraphs.

Here is the original static image, just for comparison:


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