I am continuing to explore Plotagraph Pro and push the boundaries of what I can do with it (see my previous plotagraph posts). Up to this point all my source material has been nature photographs – mainly landscapes, a couple of cityscapes, and some wildlife with appropriate natural backgrounds. Today’s source material is a portrait of my lovely partner Paula that I took in Sevilla a few years ago. The main animation on her dress came out quite well I thought. There’s a little animation in her hair too, again just to test what’s possible. It’s hard to see on the smaller image inline, but if you click on that you can view a larger image where you should be able to see it.

Paula Sevilla 2 (640px, 30fps)

Here’s the original image for comparison (as always the plotagraph was:produced from a single static image):

Paula Sevilla cropped copy

And here’s the original original before I cropped it for this exercise, just because I think it’s also a cool photo :). This was taken at the entrance to the beautiful Palacio Villapanés hotel where we stayed in Sevilla, which I would highly recommend!

Paula Sevilla

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