I took this picture of a moon rise today over San Luis Valley, north of Monte Vista, Colorado.

San Luis Valley moon rise 1500

We were driving into Monte Vista yesterday afternoon and saw the moon higher in the sky above the mountains, so I decided to drive back up today to try to get a good shot. I ended up driving about 20 miles north of town. I used the Photographer’s Ephemeris software to find out that the moon would rise at 3:38pm at a bearing of 77.5 degrees (almost due east). The road up the valley heads due north so I drove up to look for a spot with a view of the mountains in the right direction, with a nice foreground – I was thinking of cows as we saw some the day before. This image is a panorama of 3 shots taken with a fairly long zoom (197 mm equivalent). I used the dehaze tool in Lightroom to bring out the details of the mountains. You can buy a print of this at batty.photos.

4 Replies to “Moon rise over San Luis Valley”

    1. Hi Kelli, sorry for not replying sooner. It is copyrighted, but if you would like to use it for something, please drop me a line at peter@ebatty.com and let me know what you would like to do with it, and we can see if we can sort something out.

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